Generally, it’s a small map made to test unused animations of the citadel’s explosion. A similar test map was made earlier, but it was very simple and lacked effects, so I decided to make a better map.
Yeah, I took about 80% of stuff from various official maps. :stuck_out_tongue:
To begin the explosion, press a button in the small shack, wait 10 seconds and here you go.

Screenshots and download here:
And I would greatly appreciate a YouTube video of this map!

Is that cinematic physics I see there?

Downloading now, but if it is… :gizz:

Uploading a youtube video for this now :slight_smile:


That was fucking badass.

Though it would have been even cooler if some of the chunks of citadel and shifted from the skybox into the world and rained down on the map.

Dat cinematic physics!

Maybe valve will use the cinematic physics a lot more in ep3 / portal 2. I’d like to see a bridge fall down (yeah I know ep2) or if (IF) we blow the borealis up, see that explode.

Someone please do this. If I knew how skybox/playable world transitions were done I would gladly do it myself.

It’d be very hard to do actually, unless you just made the chunks APPEAR, by setting up physics with your main map in the modelling program.

It is awesome
Would have been nice if some of the chunks destroyed parts of the homes
It is still awesome non the less!


That is amazing! You have my download!

How did they do the EP2 rocket? I know it was in the actual world before the skybox. Couldn’t it be the same process but backwards?

Looks awesome :v:

AFAIK the “ceiling” of the map is just really really tall, concerning the Ep2 rocket

It is possible with animations but not with physics, you’d have to compile two sets of cinematic animations which would still probably look shit due to the first one still playing over it.

I was trying this on a recent City8 Outlands map I was making - by using all the destructable huts and cabins at the end of EP2. Decided to remove them in the end…

It would have been nice, but I don’ think there would have been many uses for it in an Rp map. :v:

If the author intends to work on this map further, a suggestion: Make the sound and the rumble appear about 3 - 4 seconds or so after the explosion can be seen. Since sound doesnt travel as fast as light.

Aw, I should grab some of the entities from the end of episode 1’s citadel explosion and combine it with this and the effects of episode 2’s portal resulting of that explosion.

Certainly looks sweet ;-). I bumped into this model ages ago in hammer, but it’s a pain in the ass to work with as whenever I opened it in Ep2 hammer config, it would crash due to vertex overflow (something like that).