Citezens ReSkin

Hello, I make machinimas with my friend’s and well were working on a new movie, Citizen Fighter. If you would like to know the story or what it is PM me. But I need a Citizen ReSkin, kinda like kitty0706’s Elliot goes to school and what not. I would like the shirt to say Fox Racing on it and to be a . Black (not to black just faded) jeans and a Reskined Face with a small guys earing in one here. I’ll make the person that helped me skin them will be in the credits (obviously)

Thank you who every helped me.

How about actually posting those so called reference pictures people talk about all the time.

Like the saying goes “A picture always tells more than a thousand words.” or whatever.

Because for example I have no idea what “black, not black just faded.” means.

Not good at making facemaps.