Cities of Rust - the City/faction RP server!

Welcome to Cities of Rust.

Cities of Rust is a new server that launched about two weeks ago. This server has a unique set of rules that nurtures progress in the game of Rust. Upon joining the server you decide if you want to join on of the existing factions. Or do you want to gather a few other people and create your own faction (Use of Group mod). The first goal of this faction is to build you city/town to house all its members. Start by using foundations and walls to claim a portion of land, and build within those walls.

Work with others to gather materials, hunt for food. hit rad towns. And once enough factions are established and in working order (also outside of the founding safety) make peace or war with other factions. Large scale battles during the night, attacking their cities (with a rule set), or trade with other factions for research, blueprints etc.

This server is white listed to prevent hackers, griefers and otherwise game ruiners. Decay is turned off to prevent your city from disappearing while real life beckons. air drops come every few days, inconsistent so its always exciting and a good race to the prize.

There are two existing factions at the moment, and those are;
-Azura Secht
-Kings Veil

Each faction has about 5 or 6 active members. Again its a new server and the rules took a little time getting in to place.

Rules for Faction/city wars (Has not begun)

-Each faction can only send up to 5 members to attack another faction. However, if a faction is at peace with another faction. The attacking faction can request up to another 5 players from their allied faction to assist in the attack.

Rules for attackers:
-You pretty much have one go at this. There is no placing sleeping bags outside the walls to respawn. If you die, you spawn back at your city. Hope one of your buddies stays alive to get your stuff. Or maybe if you surrender they may give it back. Just remember, you attacked them.

-If you are victorious in battle and have either forced the poor souls of the town you attacked to surrender or killed them a second time within the 5 minutes and they all spawned away from base. You are free to loot the town. Blow doors. Maybe a wall to get in. DO NOT: destroy the house so it cannot be repaired and DO NOT destroy their sleeping bags. No griefing the players. Steal the stuff. get what you went for and get outta there.

-your faction splits loot however it deems necessary. Your clan has its own rules. If you divvy it out sweet. if its finders keepers than awsome, good luck.

(number of attackers is subject to change. Depending on the amount of players who are logged on each faction)

  • Clearly you cant attack an enemy city when they have nobody logged or just one or two.

Rules for Defenders:

-Well, not many. Someones knocking at your front door, or wall, and possible with an explosive charge or two. Grab your guns and start picking off the wolves that have entered your den to eat your children.

-You will probably have about two tries at this. Depending on how long it takes. After two you should probably surrender. Maybe if you listen to the attackers they will let you keep some of your stuff.

This server is only taking a light RP path. And by that i mean this server wont work if we have hackers, griefers etc bobbing in and out robbing and destroying everything with duped explosives. Which is also why whitelist is enabled. and it also wont work if we dont abide by a set of rules that had to be made because there isnt a system in place to make some of this work. But as the server grows in population and the number of cities then i will expand what can be created within rust such as

-Create a set of rules for a Sieges if the attacking faction has a number of victorious attacks a number of times in a row

-smaller guilds that can have a sort of base separate from their home city. like a bandits or thieves guild that attack cities at night without the cities name being dragged into it (unless the city is knowingly housing the guild of course)

-a sort of imperial like group with a sense to uphold law (the counter to bandits/thieves groups)

  • again this is a new server and not too much traffic is there so im hoping when it picks up ill be able to pick a regular maintenance time when fewest people are on so i dont halt the fun too long.

-New factions have a few days grace before stating peace or war so they can get some city walls and defenses up

Server is Oxide induced with

-door sharing

And any others that i see would help with the direction im trying to take this server in

So, if your interested in what this server has to offer. Just post in here. This is a hacker and grief free environment and if you like the idea of the server than Ill temporarily disable whitelisting so you can join and be added. Hope to see you guys there!

Server has been wiped for fresh start, also whitelist taken off till its updated for oxide 1.8

Me and my friends would really love to join this server! , sounds like alot of fun :slight_smile:

So where is the ip?

yeah where is the ip would love to join

Thank you for bumping this up. I actually found Tyrial87’s server on his post on the updates page. You need to find him on Steam as this original post is a little old. Server is much farther along now and there are more factions. I knew the first night just by reading chat that there were good people to have fun with. Stop on by and decide for yourself. It is the kind of server where most everyone gets along, even the opposing factions. People get killed, but it is not vicious adolescent foolishness. We can all laugh about it and offer a “job well done” where warranted. Not a total state of war either…well…at least not yet. Ha.

alright but…where is the server ip (: im freinds with him on steam but he hasent gotten on

Can I be whitelisted?

Hey! can I be whitelisted to the join the server? My username on steam is T-nuts