"Citizen and Combine".My 1st Photo.

Please don’t awnser with shit post.
This is my 1st work so any tips or suggestion is very welcomed.


Our friend Nick(citizen) here is a normal citizen. But when Gordon Freeman came, the city has turned upside-down. Elite Combines were everywhere. But Nick just sits down by a pillar and watch everything go bad.


Eyes are too arsed to the right, the pic is really blurry, you need to put your graphs at max when you take a picture, and try not using so much bloom.


Posing on the combine looks quite nice, but something tells me its an NPC.

Honestly the blur is overdone. I like how it fades in from desaturated corners, but the blur is just too intense. Try looking at other similarly angled photos for reference next time. I know the actual quality of the in-game textures isn’t your fault so I won’t address that. The bloom is a bit too strong as well. Overall it’s not a very exciting or captivating picture, but hey no one starts off perfect. Just keep working at it.

The combine is an npc, i just dont know how to get a ragdoll to hold a gun. I was playing with nukes before making this photo and my graphic card is heating up. I had to turn the quality to low.

Get a fan, I actually have a big ass fan for my pc if it gets too hot lol (My pc is old as fuck).
But, no collide is an easy way of getting a ragdoll to hold a gun, just no collide on the gun, and then on the ragdoll, after that is just posing.

A nice way to guide yourself is to spawn a npc with AI off, and then spawn a ragdoll next to him and try imitating his pose.

Ohh, Okay. Im working on my second screenshot now. Im trying to make ragdolls holding a gun. But its gonna take about 2 days just to complete it now.

Nick doesn’t have any pupils. :v:

Graphics seem pretty low, and AA seems to be turned off.
Also, don’t use NPCs in pictures, always pose.

Well the blur is…

I actually, made the blur very intensive so that the combine will be a little bit hidden.

The eye posing really hid the pupils.