Citizen Animation Import-ium

I have been importing some animations mainly for meme videos but I started going into more practical ones and I figured I’d make a thread so it doesn’t get lost in the discord. These animations are ready to be put in Source2 so feel free to go wild!

Oh and if you have any animations you want imported just let me know. Make sure you actually have the source for them though.


( Courtesy of @Riddick )


I’ll update these as more get pushed through.

Fortnite (CLICK TO VIEW)

Dance Moves ( Default Dance )
Need To Pee
Orange Justice

Apex Legends (CLICK TO VIEW)

Mirage’s Worm Dance
Mirage’s Unarmed Idle
Mirage’s Unarmed Running (Animgraph Friendly)
Incapped Animations ( Animgraph Friendly )
Pathfinder’s Tinman Dive Emote
Revenant’s Impale Execution ( Attacker )
Revenant’s Impale Execution ( Victim )

Garry's Mod (CLICK TO VIEW)

Dancing Taunt
Muscle Taunt
Sitting (Idle)


You absolute madman! :smiley:

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The last video is going to be a meme. Also good job comrade.

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Very cool animation!

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Added Garry’s Mod Muscle Taunt so you can sexualize Terry and the idle Sitting animation so you can give our boy a rest. They are under the Garry’s Mod tab in the first post

Muscle as you requested @AdamCF


using a half-life alyxe engine? (or steamvr)

This is all in Half-Life Alyx’s tools. It’s the closest we have right now to S&Box so I’m gonna work with that. In terms of getting the animations in I don’t see much changing except the vmdl having a different format

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Finally, the best animation, we got it!

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Clutching for security.

Incap animations from Apex added. I need to change some proportions so I may update it down the line. You can see the hand through the floor in the idle

They are really good for anim graph practice. You can set incapped states on the model to transition to these modes.


Had some time so going to start adding TF2 animations. Here’s the Medic’s Conga Taunt!

Can’t update the OP for some reason so download it here: Download