Citizen beats the metrocop.

**My first wide picture.


Rate&Comment please. :smiley:
Thank you.

woah, the picture would make a nice background if I you had such a wide screen :stuck_out_tongue:
The facial expression looks a little wierd. Other than that it looks cool.

The motion blur looks pretty good.

This would look nice as a wallpaper since I have shitloads of icons on the left and all the pose is on the right.

Unluckily I dont have a widescreen monitor :frowning:

I like all the effects you add.

Whoah, where did you get that citizen? He looks bad-ass

Decent picture, I’m gonna use it as a wallpaper :buddy: (becasue I can)

The grunge effect is a bit much though…



It looks great but I think the empty space on the left side is a tad excessive.

too left


and they are out of picture though