Citizen Blower SWEP

Normally, i do not upload my stuff because of re-uploaders, so this is my first released SWEP.

This is a Citizen Blower. If you shoot a citizen or a normal zombie, he will blow up. Only his legs will remain!


  • More realistic way to blow the citizen up. (The angles is fixed)
  • If you right-click, the legs will stand, and fall down after a moment.
  • Now 100% works. Sorry for any bugs earlier.
    Updates for V2:
  • Citizens now scream before they die.
  • If you listen carefully, you will hear a sound of exploding flesh.


next time can you upload it to

and not a site where you have to log in

i dont feel like makeing a account there nor does anyone else

Oh. I have fixed that now. So you do not have to log in to download.

I can’t download as i still need to log in.

I read the title and lol’d though :v:

Same. :suicide:

I decided to upload the files to

It works 100% now. Sorry but i am not familiar with releasing my sweps.

I expected something else from the title… :q:



Yes, please rate me dumb, for saying the obvious

I can see a lot of work went into making this.

Well. I just updated it.
So now, the citizens screams before they die. (table.Random + Emitsound)
If you listen carefully, you will hear sound of exploding flesh.

Citizen Blower? Nice name :suicide:

Hint, he means upload on, because it wasn’t before. Therefor you get a free boxfort.