Citizen Combine Soldier

Hello Facepunch. What I request for today is a model of a normal male citizen (In blue clothing and such)
wearing a normal combine soldier helmet, and a normal combine soldier armour jacket thing that the combine soldiers wear, and on the arm, a rebel armband, but instead of the lambada symbol, it is an overwatch symbol.

If two models could be made (One with helmet, one without) that would be even better, but the one without the helmet is optional.

Does it help if I say please?

Thank you for taking your time to read this.

Which male head do you want?

Thanks for replying.

Group 02 Male 02, which should be a citizen with a shirt that isnt blue, but still.
If you are making this, thank you very much.

Shameless bump.

If you’re wondering why I did this, Omolong couldnt finish the model due to sickness, and the rigging in the model failed. Sorry I have to do this, but I really want to use the model.

Here is an example. Add boots and a combine armband, and you’re done. And an unhelmeted version would be good. Group 02 Male 02 is the citizen model used, and the one I would like to use.

Well, this is my last bump before I give up on making the comic, and model.

PLEASE. I really want to make this, and I want it to work.

MajorMattem why don’t you just learn to do it and do it yourself, I’ve told you it’s simple to do. I would make you one but I’m using Vista which doesn’t have photoshop and I believe windows 7 does.

Windows 7 doesn’t come with Photoshop.

Oh ok, I wouldn’t know lol, but you can get it on a vista update I think

I understand, but would it be possible to combine the Soldier model with the male 02 model? (with the above requirements, like the example, boots and armband)

Yes, it’s possible. I told you this before, I swear when I talk to you all you can hear is white noise. >.>