Citizen Hideout in the Woods [LARGE IMAGE] Edit.jpg

Hey guys, I don’t post very often but I was proud at how this came out so I decided I’d post it. It’s like my third scenebuild or so. Please feel free to criticize as much as you’d like. I’m always looking to improve! I’ll post a pic of the scenebuild and the before image if requested, I just didn’t see it as necessary. Enjoy! :slight_smile:

I think I see what you were going for, but still, I personally think having around 1/3 of the picture covered in grass makes it a bit uneven.

Yeah I definitely see what you mean. I should’ve have been more creative with the ground or maybe chosen a different angle. I was just trying to give the “back in the woods and overgrown” feel. Thanks for the comment though, I appreciate it.

They’re definitely about to get eaten by velociraptors.