Citizen Model

Hello, i decided to make a custom skin for a citizen model i the material works and i made sure i did everything correctly in the qc file but when it comes to test it the face decides to go wrong please help me thanks.

I tried another model eli and again i got the body to work but for some reason the face went wrong again can someone tell me how i can fix this here is another iamge.

You don’t need to decompile if you are making a skin.

I changed the material location so it didn’t mess up with my other models

Just hex it then. You don’t need to decompile.

I also forgot to mention that i wanted to change that models animations to player for first one and npc for second

Then just use the player version of the model and the NPC version of the model.

How do i do that then?

Look for a hexing thread.

  • all i wanted to know is how i could fix that face?

You have to check or uncheck clamp s or t. Just look at the left bar when you open the skin in vtfEdit.


Clamps everywhere.

Does it matter which one i chose to uncheck?

I unchecked them both and the face turned up but for some reason the hair still has this:

Or is that just normal?