Citizen models

Hey guys,

i want the citizen models for myserver

Where can i find the playermoodel for gmod 13?^^

Thanks in advance

These are only ragdolls:

but if there’s playermodels for them, please share :slight_smile:

Anyone ?

You already got an answer what else do you expect?

i know it’s ragdolls, i just can’t find where’s the playermodel one

i saw this models in fewservers!!

Well, some servers have private items you cannot find download links for. This might possibly be exclusive to some servers.

Well is there anyway to turn it from ragdoll to a playermodel?

Obviously. I once tried it, but half of them worked, and the other half had mega texture issues.

Thank you verry much, all of it has mega texture issues, can anyone fix it or got a working citizen player model one?

sorry if i botherd you with myposts all i’m getting is “dumb” rate

I’ve seen these models on fearless community’s cityrp. Be a ninja thief and rob em xD

rob them? it’s like you say " fearless has made it"

fearless didn’t made the citizen player model it was made by “Landing in Lond” long time ago,

i’m still looking for it anyone can turn ragdolls to player model help me i will be really thankful.

here’s the ragdolls :

i check this thread every hour in 2 days,Please if you know or have a video or a thread that shows how to turn ragdolls to player model feel free to post it here.

I’ll turn them into playermodels myself if you’d like.

I’d appreciate this alot!

I’ll do it when I get home and they’ll either be uploaded tonight or tomorrow if no issues arise.

Thank you a lot :slight_smile:

I just must ask, why did you vote me dumb? For appreciating his work?

Because people are fucking retarded, that’s why.

An update on my progress: ran into some issues with my compiler but got two done. I should finish the rest by tomorrow.