Citizen musician pondering about what to play next.

A really quick one.


Feel free to rate me heart.

You could have posed his fingers on the guitar neck and his right hand less, strange, even if he stops playing, guitar players tend to rest their hands on the strings as well as on notes.

I have you a heart

Play the song of storms.

Ooh! Ooh! Um…

Play this.

get an electric guitar instead


and play metallica


Bring on the disagrees, I don’t give a fuck

I like Metallica and all, but he should play acoustics for now.

I love Firefly, I’m, with blooregardo!

Like the pic, optimistic!

can you do this in HL2?

where do you get that spring model



If you’re talking about the guitar; it’s on, can’t be bothered to look it up at the moment, though.

Unforgiven would fit with this pic, even without the elec guitar.

Wow nice pose~

Where can I find that spring model?

I don’t know what a spring model is.

hmmm, webbed fingers.

As previously said, the posing for the hands are a bit strange. Make them more natural and it’d be quite a bit better.