Citizen Patrolling The Woods

My first EVER pose,

Not first released, First EVER
i know it is really shitty, and i fail at Scenebuilds but dont fucking go insane over it
And im not good at photoshop, ill edit it later, but if you want, go ahead and edit it

and above view(if you want to comment on the pose itself, not the angle)

Constructive Criticism Welcome


And yes he has HalfLife2Disease



Damn typos


Another facking edit

My graphics are all the way up

are you sure about the graphics? doesn’t look all the way up. plus major aliasing issues.


Pretty good for a VERY first… Left Thumb is clipping with the gun, though.

Work on map choice, and finger posing.

I think it’s really good for a first ever try, but you still shouldn’t have released it. The angle looks awkward, the trees are shit, needs editing or something.


if those are max graphics, find a different grass model, or at least blur them. the sky also looks bland, try blooming it a bit.

Oh yeah, and use 3d trees instead of those ugly 2d-ish ones

Your graphics are definitely not all the way up. I can see the AA is not, as well as the anisotropic filtering. Plus, you need to type in jpeg_quality 100 in the console before taking a picture.