Citizen relaxing outside a trainstation


All C&C is appreciated.

Thanks guys. :slight_smile:

Looks nice, altho I smell SHEFing :ninja:

Yeah, I’m not really good at manual editing so I just have the SHEF do most of it for me.

Edit: Added an original picture for comparisons to the OP.

He looks too stiff and tense to be relaxed.

Instead of SHEFing try doing actual shadows, it looks 300% better.
And to get you started have here a nice tutorial for shadowing and all sorts of stuff:


he is after all in c17 and combines would be all over his ass if he was just not doing shit

I can see his boner.

Thanks for this, I’ll use it for the other pictures.

I like SHEFing…:v:

His right hand seems a bit off to be in his pocket.

I tried blurring his hand and fixing the seam but in the end it looked like his hand was mutated or sewn into the pants.

Is this a model from that crap Necro rp?

I’ll find the link for you.

Very boring… but it looks alright if that counts for anything.