Citizen shoots a Metrocop on a roof

Can anyone tell me what to write in console to remove hud without removing the v_model?

You mean so you can do a third person shot?

isnt it cl_drawhud 0?

The picture ain’t half bad.

Could you explain just how you edited this?

… Is he floating?

He is! Nice catch!

this is actually bad, a shotgun would do way more damage than what is shown in the picture.
the muzzle flash is okay, not the best. and the blood has no depth to it.

lol get ur head out of your ass


lol you have some explaining to do.
what do you mean with no depth? what’s missing?
and what’s wrong with the muzzleflash

The smoke is fine from the wound but the blood just looks… like it’s a stain on his shirt.
motion blur would help that I guess.
As for the flash it just… doesn’t remind me of a shotgun being fired at all.
A shotgun is more smoke rather than flame.

yea I said it how is he going to say he’s floating when hes god damn feet aren’t even in the picture.