Citizen Skating.

Post Processions only used.

Simple DoF.

Comments please.

Would’ve been better on gm_bigcity.

  1. Turn your graphics up when you take the picture, I understand if you lag while you pose but at the very end there is no reason not to have full graphics.
  2. Why is he jumping off of a ramp into the grass
  3. It is pretty boring
  4. If you can’t download another map for whatever reason try going to a hl2dm map or css/hl2 map because construct is construct and everyone and their mother is going to tell you not to pose on this map.

use anti-aliase 16x :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tips, tihs was jsut an test.
Im planning to do more pictures and stuff like that.

To be honest, just turn up the graphics and do it on different map.

The posing isnt that bad actually. It could use improvement, like the hands look a bit weird. But other than that it actually resembles skating.

Good Posing But i’m see WORSTE graphic…

Here are some nice Skate Park maps mate.



Or maybe you want a city-like map or it, so maybe you should try GM_BigCity or some of the RP maps :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice posing, and remember always to turn Graphics to max when you take an screenshot!