Citizen Skins

Recently I had to do a clean install of my PC and most of my Gmod stuff, which I lost alot of. One them being a set of citzen replacement skins. I’ve looked through all the websites I can think of,, FPS banana, here… But I cannot find them again at all. Bar this -

That’s a hexed version of the skins, but I’m after the replacement ones. The link in the description USED to lead to them but it broke some time ago.

Any help or ideas?


Oh, I see you want to use them in the campaign, or that’s the only reason why I’d do it.

Shouldn’t you be able to download the actual Zombie Master files and then replace the citizen skins with the ones in ZM files?

Possibly, Possibly. I shall have a look to see if I can but I generally fail at that kind of thing in the first place. Hence why I was after the orginal file where it replaced 'em automaticly.

Edit - I want them to replace ALL my citizen skins, since I have a seperate set for myself. Are they in the zombie master files or was that a misunderstanding?

Just download the files and replace your originals with them.