Citizen sleeve reskin - Fun shirts!

This is a reskin of simkas Sleeced Citizens.
This is hexed and will not replace anything.

The Fun pack contains four shirts with fun pictures on it and has all the male models.
This is a V1 and there may be a V2 with more fun pictures
To change look at the model and in console type : ent_fire !picker skin and pick a number from 0-4

Keep in mind that i will go back and fix them up in the future.
Shirts look better in game i dont know why picture is still getting raped…

They are pretty good, quite low res, and pants don’t look that great, but overall pretty good id say

They look better ingame it was my pictures that got bad somehow.

The resolution is terribly low, and the colors are unrealistic as hell.

Updated Op so now it looks better :wink:

Make red and yellow shirts to complete the set. ---->

Those are some hideously colored shirts says the guy wearing black.

Shouldn’t the graphic parts of the shirt be more centered or near the chest?

Not saying they’re bad, but you’d never see me wearing those… and you’d probably be killed for wearing them in some place. Kind of look like girl’s shirts.

Not really i got the motives from on male section.

Rainbow rolling the OP.
Fun, but a little bit flamboyant.