Citizen Soldier Headhack Request

Yo, so I was just wondering if anyone could do a headhack to take the body of Arkady Ourumov from GoldenEye: Source with all the heads of the male citizens from HL2.

Arkady Ourumov as he appears in GoldenEye: Source (old as of July 20th, 2012, would rather this version though)

I might plan on using them in Espionage Wars thread over at Screenshots and Movies.

The model is in the popular multiplayer source mod “GoldenEye: Source” (obviously) but, in case you don’t want the mod, you can get the model (with textures) here: (the mod is completely free, so it is legal, also, this is an older model as of the soon-to-be v4.2 in 5 days)

Also, please hack off the hands and replace them with the citizen ones, the hands on Ourumov look ugly (they’re gloves anyways)

Hope this isn’t too much and someone will take consideration.

Thanks - Smugleaf

Is the model rigged?

I’ve played the source mod, the model is rigged.

Same, I’ve also used the model in GMod, so I can definitely confirm they are rigged

I don’t meant to be a faggot, but I’m bumping this.

Can anyone do this for me? I’d really appreciate it.