Citizen taking cover behind a sheet of metal

I somewhat made this to make up for my last (shitty) picture and for practice in shading.
I forgot to finger pose his left hand because I originally didn’t want to take the picture in this angle.


post your opinion

I know the title is as shitty as hell.

i like it! its really cool :stuck_out_tongue: but whats his other hand doing there…

finger posing on the gun is great and i can tell the mood by his face posing…

Good job!

Not bad. Feels like it could do with more editing than just the light dodging and burning though.
You need to be more specific and detailed with your burning. You’re doing what Zeraxify does which is picking a medium-sized soft brush and just doing one or two strokes and leaving it at that. It looks quite unnatural, especially on areas where shadows are spilling onto areas of different elevation and lighting (like around the neck and the edge of the armour).

Simple but good. :biggrin:

The bullets’d tear through that metal, sadly.

Very boring but what can i say, my stuff is boring too.

that would make a really poor cover
even .22 can go through that