Citizens Finger Posing

I think having the ability to use Finger Pose tool on Citizens supporting ALL 5 fingers would be cool. Good for comics and realism.

I would also ask. Why citizens (and refugees, rebels) has connected fingers. I mean, you can only pose 3 fingers.

They have the three fingers fused together because VALVe made them that way.
Garry had nothing to do with it.

I realize that. But why did VALVe made it that way? Eh? On the other hand someone can edit the citizen ragdoll and make it so it does not have fingers fused together anymore.

If you can’t have babies, then your fingers fuse together.

It all makes sense

The fingers fused together thing was mainly laziness on Valve’s part, and was the poll really necessary?

I think FakeFactory’s models have 5 fingers.

It’s because it only needs the index and thumb for firing a weapon and all those things citizens do.
For what they used them they don’t needed 5 fingers.

Having fingers stuck together like that in real life would definitely suck.

I think that would be an amazing thing to have.

I’m glad you think so.

“I think FakeFactory’s models have 5 fingers.”

At the expense of making player models invisible.

I downloaded FakeFactory’s Alyx Model, not only did it turn out to be a piece of crap for posing, but it also made people using the Metrocop and Alyx playermodels invisible.