Citizens getting shot

Because I have no imagination

2nd pic: DURRRP



The comic was funny.

Bodenlan, the only person that makes shit that ordinarily would be mingey and makes it great.
I like the kneecapped guy.

The first guy looks more “Hmm, there do appear to be lead firearm projectiles lodged in my tibia” than “OH SHIT JESUS FUCKING CHRIST THAT HURTS”.

Is this like your fetisch or something?

its still not that great/interesting/special at all. boring, doesnt matter who made this.

first, look at the pictures, criticise them, and after that look at who made them to stay neutral

I think you quoted the wrong post there…

The comic is great.

and i think you need to geet outt

No u

it’s a south park reference nuthing personal buddy :slight_smile: