Citizens rebelling and bonus.

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Citizens rebelling

L4D bonus

That’s the first time I have ever posed a zombie, so tell me what you think.

C&C pls.


I know there pretty shit but and I wasn’t sure if I even should of posted them.

Lol @ Faceposing(Francis) he is like >:(!
Posing is okay.
Needs editing

The posing is allright, but you need to turn up your Anti Aliasing.

Yea i will try and add motion blur to francis post pic in 2 mins


If i turn on AA i think my pc may rape itself.

The pickaxe in the first screen looks terribly huge.

This is my first ever time trying to edit a photo :S


Terrible blur AWWAAAAAY!

The graphics, they require upping.

Yea they definitely do.

Here, although it still isn’t very good

Posing needs work. Try to turn your graphics and AA up.

Yeah, it needs work.

yes, yes it does.

Pictures are really empty.

Its not a pickaxe, its some sort of tube :v: And that same citizen its on fire lol, he should have thrown that Molotov bomb faster.

Ohh and the black citizen looks like he’s dancing.

I guess that with some editing the first pic would look nice.

About the second pic well it looks empty and boring :expressionless:

I doubt the metrocops would run away from a citizen with a lead pipe, they almost always have some kind of weapon.

  1. your looking at the wrong citizen
  2. he isn’t on fire, the Molotov is in front of him

Ohhh my bad then, sorry!
And still the fire on the molotov its too big :stuck_out_tongue:

yea I know :stuck_out_tongue: