Citizen's Revolt.

Take two.

10Shitty memes

Thanks for the wonderful C&C describing what’s wrong with my picture! /sarcasm.

Okay Im normal now.
Picture is bad because:
Bad Blur(Dont use Simple DOF)
Posing is very odd(try to make it more real)
Whats up with the faceposing?
No fingerposing.
For a Revolt theres very little going on.

Improve those points and you should get a good picture.

Camera angle is really bad.

It’s not simple DOF, it’s Super, and yes chesty, I did hit render, what’s wrong with the posing. Faceposing, he’s pushing a cop down stairs, hes mad, but…for some reason looking at the picture, it’s not coming off that way. No need for finger posing when all he did is push someone, and it’s just one side of the town. I’m fixing some of the stuff right now.

I think you push with a flat hand.
And you know adding emotions to a picture is the whole thing about good or bad but its very hard IMO.
Just keep going.

Posing is pretty sloppy. He is pushing someone down the stairs and yet it looks like he has just fell from a high height.

Needs a shit amount of work.

i just noticed the guy walking in mid-air with a sword or a bar in the background…

Updated OP with new picture. Combine, when you push someone, after the push, your hands start to tilt back down, atleast mine do. Demon, it’s a citizen hitting a cop with a pipe.

And yet he is still floating above ground

Try jumping.

I dunno how you can look at that and not understand whats wrong with it and why people are criticizing it.

First thing I noticed that the citizen isn’t even looking at the metrocop.

Easy, because no one is telling me whats wrong where. All i’m being told is, “Posing is sloppy.” No one bothers to tell me WHAT posing is sloppy. Is it the citizen? Is it the metro-cop? Is it the metrocop running in the background? Is it the citizen hitting the metrocop in the background? It’s like pointing at a picture with three hundred people in it, and saying “that guy looks stupid” You don’t know who he’s talking about.

“* You * pick up the soda can!!!”

Combine covered most of it, if you improve your posing and make the picture more hectic, right now It’s just 2 citizens bashing up some Metrocops, no exactly a revolt.

Just touch it up with detail and It’d be alright.