I liked it. Crazy weird and surreal.

Thanks! I put a lot of effort into it.


It’s awesome to see an SFM video with a lot of effort put into it that isn’t TF2 related.

A really neat movie. The violence part kind of intimidated me though.

Absolutely beautiful!

No fucking idea what happened, but it was beautiful.

just amazing :Q__

Yeah, that was one of my goals in mind. Honestly none of this would’ve been possible without the Facepunch community.

Most of the models here are from the porters or the Modelling section. If you’ve released models on these forums than chances are you’ll see something there in my video tucked away somewhere. It was a shame none of their stuff was used for SFM despite being high quality so I felt I had to remedy that situation.

I’m really glad you guys are liking it, thanks for watching!

Nice work! I hope it gets a fair share of attention.

Very engaging and interesting video, It’s nice to see this amount of effort put into an SFM video. Had a really nice atmosphere, and an interesting story although quite difficult to follow

pretty interesting. it’s almost eerie how 2:30 looks exactly like a dream i had a while ago :v:

just awesome

This is simply amazing.