Citrus Revival

Hi, yes I know they has already been 1 attempt at this and he lost all his data so he cant anymore, I asked him if it was ok if I could start to develop this awesome Admin Mod and he said thats ok so here we go.

[release]Name: Citrus

Description: Mod for server administration and management

Created By: Conna, errors fixed and improved by Polly and samwilki (me)[/release]

[release]List of plugins and descriptions:

* Achievements - No description really...
* Advertisments - Insert advertisments to be displayed with set interval (1 minute by default)
* Attributes - Set health, armor and weapons for every group
* Circles - Display circle under every player
* Commands - Some basic commands, like rcon
* Deathwatch - Watch your death from ragdoll's eyes
* EntityGuard - Prop protection
* Entity Limits - Group-specific entity limits (props, ragdolls, etc.)
* Fun and Useful-pack - Adds commands for parenting and setting spawnpoint
* Ghost - Possess any prop!
* GunGame - Very simple CS-like minigame
* Hide and Seek - Another minigame
* Informationbar - Display a bar on middle-top of the screen (Look at the screenshot)
* Languages - Create, speak and teach your own languages!
* Names - Display names and titles above players
* Playergrabbing - Grab players with your physgun
* Player Management - Commands for player management
* Player Punishment - Commands for punishing players
* Points - Gather points over time and spend them on upgrades
* Promotions - Automatic promotions after a set amount of hours
* Redo - Undo your undo!
* Restrict Noclip - Restrict noclip to specific access groups
* Restrict SEnts - Restrict SEnts to access groups
* Restrict SWeps - Etc.
* Restrict tools - Etc.
* Rules - Display rules on player spawn
* Sandbox - Easy management of few sbox_ commands and limits
* Scoreboard - Adds sui_scoreboard as a plugin
* Tag - Another minigame!
* Teams - Create teams for groups, with colors and everything! (Use this for team names on scoreboard)
* Titles - Set your title to display above you
* Translate - No idea to be honest.

And other plugins I included separately:

* MySQL plugins for viewing bans, logs and reports. (Example)
* Custom chatbox made by Conna, requires some tweaking of hooks to get working



  1. Upload the citrus + materials directory included to your garrysmod directory.
  2. To configure Citrus go to garrysmod/addons/citrus/lua/citrus/server/configuration/
    and edit the files there.
  3. To make yourself a ‘Super Administrator’ you need to add yourself as ‘superadmin’ in

Most useful commands are /commands and /quickmenu in chat or ‘citrus commands’ or ‘citrus quickmenu’ in console.[/release]



Sorry to say this, but you’re not much of a coder considering how much you bombard me and Robbis with questions. Then you’re unable to use instructions without even more simplified instructions.
So this might be a bit of a too ambitious project for you.


How can you code something like this when you nagg other people to code stuff for you but also i doubt you fixed any of the errors you have stated because you always need help with coding.

Actually I am in the middle of fixing some of the bugs I have come across so if you dont mind getting the fuck out.

You should test “your” LUA before you release it.

What do you meen by testing my own Lua?

…By testing it.
You know, make sure it works?
Anyway…I doubt you did ANYTHING to this except break it.

So what exactly did you add/fix/re-create?

Haha, indeed.

there you go :wink:

It doesn’t matter who is helming the project, Conna’s code has and always will be shit and it should be buried thousands of feet below the ground so no one can ever see or edit it again.

Let his dead code rest in the shitter where it belongs, the last thing we need is another bad admin mod. Just use ULX (poorly written as well but still the best overall) and be done with it.

Blow it out his what?


Well, unless I am mistaken, Conna’s Tools was the most popular addon when it first came out, and not to mention the fact that his RP addon is amazing. I hate Conna, I was an admin on his server that got banned for calling him an asshole, but I still have the dignity and respect for him to admit that alot of the stuff he makes is actually good stuff.

Yes it does. As much as you seem to think it impossible, people can code worse than Conna. Quite easilly actually.

Not again, Jesus not again… How many times will people try to revive Citrus which isn’t even worth it…

If you dont like it fuck off.

Give him a chance. If it works it will be great.

Yea thanks. I know its not the best code in the world, but I am getting quite far with it.

take yourself for example