"City 08"


the guy on the right looks like he just saw a spider, opposed to a crazed gunman

how many bad threads do you make in a day?.. goodness

dint u get baned?! go wai!!1

(User was banned for this post ("Why reply? [Grea$eMonkey]" - Overv))

I see you utilized that hour real well.

Why are there bullet holes next to the guy who didn’t get shot, and no bullet holes near the one that did?

not gripping weapon properly, not looking down the sights… too much light it hurts my eyes and i think i would duck the fuck down instead of standing in a pose of a scared woman because they saw a rat

also why is the scared guy focused on and everything else blurred when he’s not doing anything

Why are you guys so harsh with him?

I find the posing well done, though, you need to fingerpose the guy with the M16 and add more stuff to you picure, it just feels so empty.

This is pretty bad. Not horrible, just bad.


good one!

Hey Kyno, stop shitting out ten pictures an hour and actually spend that time trying to perfect a single picture instead.