City 11

Yes, Reich Roleplays newest HL2 Roleplay map release, City 11!

City 11 is midsized, perfect for any player count.

-Civil Housing
-Many Secret Rooms
-Spacious Nexus
-Much More!
Reich Roleplay Forums

Credits to Kane, Gerr, And MrPapa.

Holy shit Papa, you guys have really come far.

Oh wow, this map looks great, im going to test out the map now.

Gonna try it out right now. Screenshots look nice.

It’s good. Very good. If I had a roleplay server I’d run it.

As big as c18? I loved that map. You could explore for a while and it had everything I’d want on realistic roleplay servers.

Another crock of shit if this is Mr. Papa. :expressionless:

Very nice map. The lighting in the bar is some of the better indoor lighting I’ve seen.

Thanks Guys.

Pancake take your TnB bullshit out of here.

You haven’t even looked at it.

i am in agreement…pretty dark and uninteresting!

Hello, I am Serman; the developer of City 11.

I was pointed to a Reich Roleplay thread about this, and am quite honestly shocked/outraged. This map project was started by my friend Gerrr, and I took over the development around the same time that this version of the map was conceived. Since then, I have remade the map from scratch – in the most pure sense, this is work that has been released WITHOUT ANY PERMISSION FROM THE ORIGINAL AUTHOR.

The creator of the Reich Roleplay thread is Kane, a person who helped out in the development of City 11 at one small point. He did not ask me or Gerrr permission, but went along releasing it. If you guys don’t believe me, I have an older Facepunch development thread here that I have not updated:

And here is the main thread on Taco N’ Banana roleplay site which currently has the main version of the city, WIP

Here is what I’m asking;


You wanna know why? Because once I actually do come around to releasing my map in it’s FINISHED FORM, it’s gonna draw negative attention, and it’ll make it look like I fucking stole it. That old version has no indication of my work on it, therefore any old jimbo can claim it for themselves like what is going on now. Please respect the author’s rights and delete the link to this map immediately.

Thank you very much. For more proof, here’s screenshots of the updated version. The version posted in the OP is from last November or September or so.

Serman’s map looks better by far.

Agreed. It looks incredibly good and I hope to see it officially released some time in the near future :wink:.

The screenshots look really good.

Missed the whole dispute over who made it.
The “stolen” version I downloaded seems a bit small anyway.
Looking forward to the completed version of city11.

If ReichRp stole the map from serman, Then it wouldn’t be the only thing they have taken from other communities.

Scratch that, They did steal it.

Two of the images in this thread are found in the other. Well from a different angle at least.

A misunderstanding - “srroesl” Unban Request

Why can’t people make this kind of good looking maps without the combine crap in them?

You’re extremely silly if you think that makes any sense for a Half-Life 2 map, Leffebengan.

ReichRP Just got buttfucked, i prefer Serman’s, and i dont really like ’ all the combine crap in them’ (Thanks Leffebengan)

Serman’s doing it well, though. Why on Earth wouldn’t there be “combine crap” [sic] in a City which the Universal Union has dominated and overrun? You’re forgetting that these maps were primarily designed to appeal to roleplayers, and to fuel roleplaying environments in the theme of Half-Life 2. The “combine crap” is necessary as much as it is welcome, to be honest, and especially so when it’s done as professionally as Serman is doing it.

Agreed with Ixius. The “combine crap” is needed for good HL2 RPing.

Also, Serman’s map wins.