City 14 Railway station

In case you’re wondering why they’re wearing gas masks: it’s because the air is poisonous.

alt. edit:

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Looks nice.

The lighting is weird and again, the contrast is too high.

Bloom level is too damn high,better if you turn it off and edit with photoshop.

The atmosphere is definitly here, tone down the bloom, go for a sharper look and zoom in a bit.

I’m a fan of the smoggy look, but yeah, it could be a little tighter camera view.

I’ll use less bloom and contrast if i edit it again today. Gonna fix the lighting as well.


Music fits well.

Added the new version.

Random guy with a gasmask… Hehee…

They’re wearing gas masks because the air is nearly unbreathable.

Reminds me of the old Half-Life2 concepts.
Very nice.

City 14 has an air ex?