City 17 Breakout

This is my first go at posing, so don’t be harsch, please. No postprocessing work…Please C&C

Both the resistance and civillians have set up a counter attack against the guards of C17. They stand up and fight for their rights.

Quite some funny posing you have there :v:

Media tag those!

And tuck dem butts in.

Here you can see how the ants help eachother carrying a leaf to the stack

The lack of face posing and finger posing ruined it.

wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too many angles of the same exact thing

I don’t think they’d be able to flip that APC over…

At least you got the SuperDoF down.

Holy shit, that asian can help lift an APC with one hand, and fire a deagle in the other. What a badass.

“can’t stop us motherfuckers, we have SUPERPOWERS!”

Gay poses is on the second and third pictures.


Seriously, hold it in.

Wow, thanks for all the constructive critism, I really didn’t thought so many people would reply. Thanks, now I know what’s wrong with my scene. And indeed, at least I got the superdof down.

And btw, I even didn’t use gm_construct, can I get a plus for that at least?

so yeah, this forum is full of intelligent people, thanks for the awesome reactions.

You’rs sincerly,