City 17 girl

Melodramaticly cheesy.


Thats ok I guess?

She looks like she wants something. How can I resist those puppy dog eyes?


I love how you edited it to look cheesy instead of “deep” how you originally intended. :v:

dem eyebrows

Well honestly, right after I posted I had one of those realizations, ‘why the hell did I make that - wait, why the hell did I even post it?’
Happens about once every two-three months. What can you do? v:v:v

EDIT: I think I was drunk on lazy.

Have you turned up your graphics and AA?

Oh god the eyes! The eyes!

Yeah, I’m sorry, I just can not get over the casey anthony ordeal :frowning:

Its not like anyone has a made a Source video recreation of the recent events have they? I can only hope she did not do anything to her child, because I can’t help imagine how much that sucks when your at the mercy of your own mother.