City 17 RP |Drugs|Huge Map|60+ Guns|20+ Jobs|Nice Admins|

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Hey guys I am new to these forums so if I am not suppose to post here please tell me!

I recently started a new 24/7 DarkRP server that aims to role play City 17 a map from Half Life 2. In this server you will take the role of being a citizen of City 17. We aim to make this server very similar to the actual City 17 from Half Life. Our server has 60+ guns and 20+ jobs (some being promotions). We even have scripted events triggered by players (like the nexus transforming shape and changing map layout!) We are also looking for Admins as we have just started out!

So please join our server! You won’t regret it!

How to join?

You can join by adding to your legacy browser favorites or doing connect in console.

You can also join by searching City 17 in the DarkRP server browser!

“i am new to the forums so i didn’t read the rules”

wrong section, no one wants to join your unoriginal hl2rp

edit: scripted events does sound kinda cool

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