City 17 Skyline

Use it for a wallpaper or some shit.

That’s not how cities work. It must have suburbs and areal vehicles monitoring the night sky of city 17. Also, this is a western style city, while c17 is based on eastern european themed cities.

Yeah, it’s a cool scenebuild, but the citadel looks way out of place with those other buildings. There should also be more buildings in the foreground, there’s no empty space in a city.

The suburbs are around the area the picture was taken, and a little to the left and to the right. The picture is mainly focusing on the downtown area of the city.

That makes sense.

I took some creative freedom here.
I read that the early versions of Half-Life 2 took place in some kinda western city. So i’m not totally off.

Just take a look at Ye-olde concept art

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Its suppost to look like there’s a river is there. kinda messed that up

Regardless of what you were trying to achieve, the final image just isn’t detailed enough. Keep trying though, I’m sure you’ll get it right :slight_smile:

the pic itself is meh but that’s actually pretty clever use of the default highrise models

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i assume the window glow comes from the envmap reflections?

“Use it as a wallpaper or some shit.”

God that arrogance.

I am not talking about the sides though. I am reffering to the area closer to the screen and not the sides that appear to be the downtown zone. It would make more sense to have smaller buildings around that line of buildings you posed within.

See how far away the suburbs expand(City 17 is also pretty huge in cannon)? Not to mention the high angle which reveals that there is no buildings in your lower angled scenebuild.

Yes, i was hoping the real-size models would make the same effect, but apparently not…

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But we can all agree that it did not turn out the way i wanted. i might redo it.

Ahh, didn’t see the river bank posts. There should be some kind of ground then? Like some kind of structure that seperates the city from the water.

The lack of lighting leaves the image dead, laid in a body bag and dragged to the outskirts of existence. Please, for the love of god, light your images. Unless the city is 100% unpopulated and 100% without power, there would be a significant amount of light and light pollution.[/t]

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No offense, but if you have to make a diagram to get across what your image is meant to convey, you’ve failed. The primary rule of visual media is ‘show, don’t tell’.

If you’re including water make sure to include water reflections. Particularly at night and off light. One more thing - city light bleed tends to be rarely whitish as in your case, but tends to follow closer to the ambient light sources. Which in your case are much more yellow. Do some colour shift as well for good measure.