City 18 - Winter Edition

City 18 Winter :
A Half-Life 2 themed roleplay map with snow!
This Edit has been modified for Bob’s TDM-RP. Try out the map here:


Nothing fantastic, Figured I’d throw it on the workshop for people to use. Enjoy!

crikey o’reilly, turn up your settings when taking screenshots
also remember to hide your hud with cl_drawhud 0

I’l make sure to take note next time. Thank you.

I think the map could be improved by changing the overall color balance to feel colder and to balance out the snow in the level. At the moment it doesn’t quite feel like it snowed. Also please take screenshots in singleplayer without your hud it’s not so distracting.

EDIT: The random piles of snow kind of bother me, but It’s just a personal thing.

It could do with icicles, snow on ledges, roofs etc. Maybe add some func_precipitation for snow falling?

needs fog. like an icey blue fog.

the fog that you know you will be raped in

I had to avoid any fancy affects. The map has been edited for Team Deathmatch. Fog tends to make less powerful computers lag. I only decided to release it for the heck of it, it was a quick winter edit for a small community that deserved some kind of festiveness. The owner made a few things on the server like snow falling, and the cold puff when you breath. Maybe next season i’l make some kind of revamp.