City 19 Metrocops

Anyone that knows what I’ve done in the past knows that I did this metrocop reskin back in '06 for Mine-Dog RP. It used the fakefactory skin as a base but it was more awesome because -get this- it had blue pants and little ranks on the sleeves. Anyway, I’ve never released them for public use because they were little more then a recolor of the work of someone else. I finally hunkered down and made my own goddamn version of the textures after 4 years. I used a combo of crazybump, modified versions of default spec maps, and even mudbox for some of the more dramatic normalmapping.

Texture wise, they’re more or less a duplicate of what they were like back in the day, but I made them from the valve default. What’s nice about this release is that it has pimpin’ normalmaps and phong settings, with selfillum. More then anything, that’s what this, better normalmaps that can be used with any default metrocop texture and the release to use in any way, including mods, reskins, and even RP.

Included in the file is an addon version and an overwrite version. “garrysmod” is extracted into the main directory to overwrite the defaults, and “metrocop 2010” goes into addons for hexed models.

Whoah, nice job Lt_C! Best Metrocops I’ve seen in a while, I hope you don’t mind if I add blue glowing eyes to the gasmask.

I really like that new filter on the end of their masks.

This is really nice. It looks high tech and professional, like the Metrocop should have been in the first place. Like Henry said, that new gasmask filter is terrific. The pants and little glowing bits look fabulous, although there’s something about the patches on the arms that rubs me the wrong way. I’m not sure what it is about them, but it might be that they just look to solid. Regardless, this is an outstanding reskin, and a must-have for any hardcore roleplayer, or even a casual gamer who’s just playing through the game to admire the scene.


Very good. The changes are subtle, but well-done. Most importantly, it keeps the general aesthetic of the CP, while improving the details.

Since I feel I have to include some criticism in my constructive criticism, I’m going to say that the belts look less well-done than the rest. It’s not bad, but it isn’t as good as the rest, detail-wise.

Still, one of the best CP reskins I’ve ever seen.

oh mine-dog rp

how i miss thee

Whoo, nice. The blues fit quite well with the metrocops here, giving more of a “Police” vibe than the default.

What’s up with the Combine insignia on the chest? Does that vary with cops, or is it just standard?

It’s for senior level officers. The old version had ribbons and multiple insignias, but they didn’t really fit, so I trashed them.

Oh yes, how I’d missed the old rank’d CP skins.