City 28 a small elegent map. (But Still Ghetto <3)

I recently Created a very small meant for automatic download on my server here are some pictures of the common citizen areas.

-Common Citizen Areas.

-Cold and Scared Citizens Share an Apartment.

-Citizens Picking some rations up.

-Over Crammed apartment.

-Combine Metro Police Instructed on the proper use of a riot shield

-The combine walls are closing in faster than ever.

-A man warms up some food from the ration

-Two recruits learning how to use a combine over-watch Suppression rifle.

This map has a few apartments a fully functional ration office with a eye scanner and opening door to put rations in. The toilets in the bathroom flush. The is a CWU area, with a shop were they can enjoy the apartments are really clean. There is a shop converted into a small sleeping area. On the other hand the normal residence for citizens is ghetto, cramped, and dirty.

This map is intended for small role playing groups and when bspzipped can downloaded very fast, please enjoy this map as I had made 99% a prefab and the checkpoint brush work is made by valve.


Very nice.

You got two massive texture alignment issues on the first image. Otherwise, looks alright.


The counter looks a bit blocky. Should have clipped (but kept both) 2 units off of the brush height-wise, then extending it 2 units out on all 3 sides.

Shit can you circle them I cant see them :S
Wait is it the sign/broadcast.

Its just supposed to be like that/I couldn’t do anything else :S.

Top combine screen texture is not aligned, the one just below it is madly stretched.

City8 themed eh

I was looking at it like crazy!


By the way it has Cubemaps.

Nice, looks very good. Can’t wait to use it on the server!


Anyway, looks nice, if a little blocky. PLEASE turn on Anti-aliasing when you take screenshots, it looks so much better with it on.

Thanks I knew I forgot something.

Haha why the fuck are you shooting in all the pictures?

Blocky, misaligned textures, combine textures look eh. Just looks too plain.

Dang Kiwi forces toggling holster, so every time its a pic its actually the camera.


You say that for every map/mine.

Is that small pit in the Nexus a Cell?


“a small elegent map. (But Still Ghetto <3)”


Yes, it was a little rush Ill make a more proper one for the next beta.

Yes this is a beta release, deal with it.

Looks nice.

Might I ask, why are you firing off a shot in every screen? Or is this some sort of empty weapon thing?

It was made elegantly, but designed which a HL2 ghetto theme as inspiration.