City 6 Labs

Sequel to my other map. Tried different stuff with the lighting this time.

Any and all criticism is appreciated. :smiley:

Link to the map in case you wanted to actually play it. -

looks cool, you said sequel? Are making some kind of neat miniseries?

As far as suggestions, it does seem quiet foggy in photo 1 & 2. What are you going for with this map?

Yeah it’s a “story” based series of maps. It’s a horror-ish map and the fog is there to get the spooks started right off the bat.

I see now, the fog making it hard to see is pretty spooky… Make it rain down skeletons on you when you go to leave the bath room and play this:

No? Too spoopy?

Well the lighting and fog are pretty spot on.

One suggestion in picture 1, is that I notice light emitting from the roof with a florescent light that looks disabled. What I think you should do in order to keep that tone, is make that emitting through the window somewhere in that fogged out place. Using like a spotlight?

I personally think that would look really cool, what do you think of that idea? It’s your map so you might have different priorities or maybe that breaks a uniform I don’t see.

How would I play this map in Garry’s Mod? Like, which gamemode to use. I haven’t played any story or singleplayer maps in Gmod so far, so I’ve no idea.

Map looks pretty neat though, from what I’ve seen on the screenshots. Nice details.