City 8 Canals

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…Outside the Citadel Walls…

As the City 8 community busies itself with everyday life inside the enclosed districts, those who wish to defy the Combines rule choose to live in the sewers and canal routes that lead out towards the wastelands.

Although it exists beyond the Citadel walls, the Canals refugee route is still strictly patrolled by Metropolice teams, to ensure both containment of citizens, and to defend against the possibility of necrotic or biotic infestation. Overwatch patrols also run regularly through the open areas assisted by Airwatch support, to deter curious refugees from attempting escape.

The canal route most commonly used begins underneath one of the main city districts. As citizens find their way down into the maze of tunnels, they would hope to find one of the many refugee stations set up by aspiring resistance sympathisers, that double as both defensive positions and safehouses. The resistance highly value their hidden routes, as it is their lifeline towards survival that has allowed them to remain as ghosts for many years.

Rumours amongst the citizen populace spread of a resistance stronghold deep in the maze of canals, tunnels and abandoned industrial buildings, that houses rebel fighters from all across the city. Reaching this location is something many men and women dream of, for the possible chance of being smuggled out to the Outlands - again only a rumour that gives hope and little else.

City 8 Canals - Basic Outline

[li] A huge maze of tunnel systems that lead from inside the city, under the Citadel walls and out towards the wastelands.
[/li][li] Double-Linear design. Multiple crossing paths and tunnels means there is always at least 2 ways out of any place!
[/li][li] Doors scripted for use with Tacoscript1/2
[/li][li] Huge 3D skybox puts you deep within the dirty canals, as the highrise city looms above.
[/li][li] Custom graffiti and many other props/textures such as Ramen stands and animated neon signs.
[/li][li] Citadel moves when “Judgement Waiver” is activated.
[/li][li] Hologram Dispatch signs displayed in the mini plaza.
[/li][li] Interactive Dispatch control interface.
[/li][li] Resistance stronghold operates a stolen “Combine Interface Core” - uplinked to laptops, this can hack open some security checkpoints.
[/li][li] Combine outposts along the canals give many ideal spots for sniper teams etc.
[/li][li] Interactive terminals & Custom Dispatch voice.
[/li][li] “Sparsely” NPC noded.
[/li][li] Color Correction.

All mapping, textures, models, sound and design by Davebrown - with the exception of several Dystopia/NT props.


Resistance Stronghold

District 3 Mini-Plaza

Canal / Sewer Tunnels

Combine Outposts

Fantastic work, I can’t wait to explore this map.

Que the music

and I JIZZED in my PANTS!

Awesome, rlly nice job… ive been waiting for this to come out! (3rd!)



Looks awesome!

Is it Christmas already?
All those lovely maps as gifts!

Your doing a great job Davebrown!

Looks Sexy! :open_mouth:

You should go to Valve, apply for work and map for Episode Three.

checks out the map
Dude! Seriously! WOW
This is by far at least 5 times more epic than Central was!
I ran through Central and encountered a few overflow errors and crashed once and noticed a few minor light leak areas, but other than that it was great.
But this…

Outstanding job once again, Dave.

Does this and the Central map too require CS:S?

All of them require CSS. I considered including content in the BSP but it would have pushed them all into the 200mb region.

Good job man. 3/3. :wink:

Get the source dedicated server and get the css content for free. Legal. From valve.


All thes3 new ones are awesome but i’ve always like this one - District1. Even though it was a bit blocky and had optimization issues. The atmosphere was awesome.

Awesome, your maps are great. You should apply for a job at valve!

Rated box to carry all the artistics around with you.

you should get a job at valve


Didn’t see a light source in that section, but otherwise, this map is decent.