City 8 - District 9

The first of 3 releases in the City 8 theme mappack, to be released this week.

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The final release of the City 8 District 9 map. I started work on this the day D9 came out at the cinema, got home and felt immediately inspired! However I ended up mixing it with the Half-Life2 Combine theme, and it turned into a hybrid that I utilised for my City8 project.

City 8 is now the Combines Citadel based in what used to be Tokyo, Japan. The District 9 refugee camp sits just outside the outer wall, and works as a staging area for new arrivals from other metroplexes across the world.

This will be live on our servers at TNB within the next week or so as part of a whole new storyline based in City 8.


[li] Part of a 4-map pack which all contain the same theme and style, for use on the TnB roleplay servers, each representing a different area of the city. Refugee camps, inner city, canals and outlands.[/li][li] 3 main areas - The Combine Nexus, and then 2 Sectors of slums and wasteland as part of the refugee camp.[/li][li] Doors coded for Tacoscript 1 / 2. Combine-only doors will NOT open in Singleplayer.[/li][li] NPC nodes for ground and striders.[/li][li] Custom graffiti, props, and other Combine textures relevent to City 8.[/li][li] Central Dispatch Interface - an interactive hologram system used for Civil Protection Units to control the Autonomous Dispatch broadcasts across the city.[/li][li] Judgement Waivers - Ability to put the Citadel on full alert which literally shakes the ground as it moves, causes windows to smash, and looks awesome.[/li][li] Custom dispatch sounds, alarms, etc.[/li][li] City Administrators office overlooks the city from the top of the citadel.[/li][li] Huge amount of space for citizens to roleplay in the shacks and huts.[/li][li] Plenty of sneaky places to get around the Combine.[/li][li] Destructable buildings - Lots of walls and sometimes entire buildings can be blown apart. Experiment![/li][li] Colour Correction for that…Gritty feel.[/li][li] PAK’d EP1/EP2 content, you only need CSS to play this.[/li][li] Hologram messages are displayed to the slum sectors according to what Dispatch message is triggered.[/li]

All mapping, textures, sounds and custom work by Davebrown.

Nexus / Citadel

City Administrators Office.

Administration Hallway.

Central Dispatch Interface.

Detainment Grid.


Command Screen / Podium.

Supply Trainyard.

Sector 1

Bridge across the canal system, leading to the Nexus.

The Canal system.

Sector 1 slums.

Lower Sector 1 slums.

Swampside hut.

Checkpoint Splitting Sector 1 / 2

Citizen Walkway.

Detainment Area.

Supply Trainyard.

Trainyard Exit/Platform.

Sector 2

Arrivals station.

Slums (Ration depot seen at the very back).


As said on the TnB forums - this map is just pure win in map form… D=

Yeah it’s pretty cool, it just looks more like a prison camp than a slum district imo.

You sure as hell make some good-looking maps.


Hey Freakie make a news article about it :downs:


Zombiedude101 sends his cheers

Good shit, Dave.

This map looks sexy

And this is why I play TnB.
With love, Radryk.

From the screenshots alone I can see this is pure win!

The map is insanely fun to play in; I can assure you that all the fun little things in it are very appealing.

Very nice map to play on. Twas fun being one of the testers.


I thought this was somthing to do with dem fookin prawns.

The supposedly combine architecture looks like shit. Rectangular shit, but still shit.

Were’d you get those awesome NPC’s?

I made them :3

Home run, dude. I love it.

This theme has been used a lot, but I’ve not yet grown tired of it.

Excellent quality. You’ve got my download.