City 8 Screens (Or how I learned how to stop trolling and make some art.)

Remember how back in my terrible screenshot thread I promised I’d make some good screens? Well here they are. Shot in City 8 District 9 and City 8 Canals, and edited in Paint.NET.

C&C please.

Cool points if you get the reference in the title.


The second screen looks quite good, first doesn’t look great.

What about it?

I smell NPCs in the 2nd screenshot.

I also smell NPCs.

Yeah, I used NPCs in the second one. I was mainly messing around with effects and post-processing here, not posing.

Try to pose next time.

I’m pretty bad at posing, but if any of you have a link to a posing tutorial thread, I’d be more than happy to try to incorporate it into my screens.

I know the basics, but when I try to make a ragdoll pose,the ragdolls end up looking like their joints are being stretched, and I can’t get their spines to be straight. Any ideas?


Ah, a TNB and a Dr. Strangelove Reference. Nice…

Do work on the poses themselves…

As for the spines, tuck their ass in.

I like them man.