City 8 V2

I still need to update this thread with photos and details, WIP.
Posting for the correct link for now.

Uploads -

No Pics no clicks, some of us can’t play games at work ya’know :v:

Here are some pics and a discription for now 

The Download link is working again

Surprisingly it looks very nice, good job dude!

Looks good!

Must try, loved the other one. :buddy:

Awesome map :buddy:

A few days ago I was wondering if you were ever gonna release an update to the City 8 maps again. Seeing this just made my day. It really looks beautiful!

Oh boy, do I miss HL2-RP after seeing this. .__.

What’s new or different in this map?

uhhh… are those amazing skins included in the download section of your forums??? if so…JOIN.

oh BTW…this map must be the second to gm_atomic to EPIC. u are hereby rated, mapping king.

Looks like you did a good job.

i cant find it… can you give me the link for those amazing models? are they hexed? i like what im seeing there…

This map has some issues, Some models are missing and I own all source games, The amaria industries building has a room with a drop off in it and a floating error sign.

Otherwise the map is amazing, the textureing and detail is awesome.

But this map just doesnt seem done, as proved by the problems above.

go to their website. that should help you out.

The map was made for TnB, thus there are probably some things from the TnB megapacks (textures) that are needed.

That reminds me, the error sign is probably the Amaria cargo container, which Ive forgotten to pack in :frowning: whoops.

oh, and last question:what female no. is that girl in the 5th picture? she looks good.

Dave please upload it. Error in Amaria Industries is a nightmare.

There you go. Should contain the Amaria props.