City 82 Across The River

No snow version.

The bridge seems to be leading to nowhere, IMO. Other than that, pretty good shot

I think it’s pretty cool. I would’ve duplicated the bridge and stretched it further out to the end of it though.

I tried making it looks like there’s a ramp going back down to street level. I couldn’t find a good prop to make it look like that so i just added some metal crap on the road going down.

A big step up from your previous images. Very fitting of the coming winter. I’d have given the bridge a very gentle blur effect to make the silhouette more soft and cover up the awkward aliasing, though.

I can see you attempted to put a ramp, at the end of the bridge. It looks pretty sharp, though, 45º inclination.

Still, props for trying.

Reminds me of Batman: Arkham Origins.


How can a get water in the gm black build?
Like the giant ocean or the rivers in the city?

You can paint one of them construction props with the Water material tool.

I remember trying that, i remember it not being “effective enough”.

Get Photoshop, in that case. We don’t have many “water props”, if we have any at all

you could use the ground effects from that scenebuilding content thread instead of phx - I’ve played about with using the effect in place of water and it actually looks alright (after using material tool on it)

Can you give me a link? I can’t seem, to find it.

In order to combine the water material tool, you need to put UNDER the water material tool a layer consisting of a prop that is kind of colored like the ocean or something, otherwise you’re just doing water reflections on a black floor. Think of the water material tool as just a filter which you can move inside of garry’s mod.

I’ll just use
Results are good.