City at night

A scenebuild inspired by the movie Blade Runner.

Two other screenshots:




loving the drowned city thing

It’s rarely to see people do some underwater scenes, nice pics.

thank you <3

That’s gotta be the most badass bigcity scenebuild I ever seen.

May I ask where you got those models besides the ragdolls and some some of the L4D models?

thanks. i got all of the models from as far as i remember i used some models from a Portal 2 model pack and some from a Dystopia model pack. i have no idea where the futuristic cars are from though.

I was saying in another thread that it is definatley possible to make a good looking scene build with Bigcity. This is precisely what I meant.

second screen if from G-string right?

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All of these are great.

actually it’s the junkyard in gm_bigcity :v: thanks tho

I really like it,but the yellow smoke kinda ruin it in some spots of the image.

would’ve used a different colored smoke if i had the choice.

the first picture gave me a blade runner vibe

wow thats really cool


Everything is fucking brilliant! But the second is a little to ankward.
But still you’re awesome! 9.5/10

These are all really good!, the only thing that brings em down is the compression.

thanks. do you know if there’s a free image host that doesn’t compress pictures?

Dropbox is a good imagehoster/file hoster.