City Colonization (old fashion rp/Creative gamemode)

So what this is is an open beta for City colonization you basically build a drop pod then land on the city (don’t try to jump) once you have landed you literally build a camp then depending on your species you spawn certain weapons and or vehicles and trade for other items to benefit you, the real goal is to vanilla role play with just a sandbox with fancy chat commands, basically it has a honor system until its coded if the community cannot be moderated and live under the honor system I will definetly code it in if they can I will make more fun stuff priority such as inventory or implementing chew gums inventory system. so if you want the fun shit first be good little boys.

I am looking for lua scriptures to help or do the game mode hopefully help, but doing it is fine.

We decided to post all the info here so we don’t have people that just join!

Remember lots of work must be done and the following is required.

alt. link for the map

There is the speech bug were your name is gtfo and cannot be changed please type your name in manually.

1.) You must assign yourself a rp name.

2.) No free Riding Its when you just jump for the start ship.

3.) You start off as level one and when you think your ready to evolve follow these stages.

These are levels they are a guide to what you can do at certain levels they are a guide and there is truly no levels or races but these are more or less examples or templates.


-1.) Small knives.

-2.) Big knives.

-3.) Pigeon Mounts.


-.1) talon claws.
-Small Knives.

-.2) basic bio weapon.
-A sort of pistol.

-.3) Shell weapon.
-Any weapon.


-1.) Drivin machines and sluggaz.
-Small hand guns.

-2.) choppas.

-3.) Deff copta dayz.
-Slow air transport.

-4.) Danny and ba jetz.
-Fighter jets.


-1.) Advanced wall creation.

-2.) Advanced communication.

-3.) Flying machines.

-4.) Fast flying machines.

Chat commands


Remember creative you should spend time building your pods saving them in adv dupe and we encourage True] Creativity if you can make a cool looking citadel.

Just thought I would jot this down if the population that plays this is serious and doesn’t need it scripted we just role play it for the hell of it.

I am still looking for Lua scriptures to help me change the code especially fixing the names

Here are the weapons your allowed to spawn

-lvl 1 -Warhammer Shotgun
-lvl 1 -CSS auto Shotgun
-lvl 2 -CSS pump shotgun
-lvl 2 -Any single Shot shotgun
-lvl 3 -Kermites Auto Shotgun
-lvl 4 - any shotgun
-lvl 5 - any gun
-Does not include any form of grenades

-lvl 1 -Smoke grenades
-lvl 1 -CSS knife
-lvl 2 -Flash bangs
-lvl 3 -All of Kermites knives excluding katana sword
-lvl 4 -Kermites Katana
-lvl 5 -Any weapon
-Does not include any form of grenades

-lvl 1 -Flash bangs
-lvl 2 -Smoke grenades
-lvl 3 -All knives excluding katana sword
-lvl 4 -Katana Sword
-lvl 5 -Any low powered pistol

-lvl 1 -All knives including katana
-lvl 3 -Grenades Excluding frag
-lvl 4 -Grenades Including frags
-lvl 5 -Any low powered pistol