city in the sky

Cheat? Bag?
Server:Facepunch Japan

Either you’re under the map or it is a bug (a cheat can’t spawn vegetation in the sky)

Probably a bug and exploit combined.

This Looks like under the map. This is different than my experience getting under the map. I just fell into a giant ocean. I’m still trying to figure out how it is done.

Whoever took those pictures should have dropped their draw distance to 50 so that it actually did look in the sky.

I have to wonder if this is still possible. I have an idea of how they might have don’t it by using floor triangles on their sides and using a door that push you at an angle into the map. If this is the case, then its probably been patched but their existing entrance point may still be there because it hasn’t wiped yet.

the glitch to get under the map has indeed been patched with the last update, when they removed sideway pillars and doorway. no longer possible as far as i know (except for admins).

Just a reminder that admin can still fly and no-clip everywhere, including under the map. i played a bit and did this exact “city under the ground” while being admin on my local offline server.

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Hi Taro, charcoal charcoal :). Btw SHIFT and yuuna are not hackers. they always play honest. they went under the map using glitch only. I know how they went under the map, i was also there.

I play on that server Facepunch japan and i had a long battle with SHIFT and his group, I built some of these tunnels that are under the map. Eventually, SHIFT won.