City Life - Yeah another RP...




I’m working on this City Life since a lot. I don’t know yet if I’ll upload it, it depends on the success it has. City Life is not a simple RP gamemode, instead, it’s somehow complex. You can do a lot of stuff such as crafting weapons, cooking, adding abilities…

You can buy stuff from NPCs but if you realize your hunger is really down you can always buy something from the local shop, but it has a really high price.
As you can see there is no “Jobs” tag, but instead, a “Life-Styles” tag. A Life Style is not a real job, you can the same salary of a normal citizen, you just have access to more things in the local shop that you want to sell to other players, for example, the Store Keeper can sell bandages to heal players that got hit in the head or in the leg.
For new players, there’s always a warm tutorial ready for you when you join!

To check the features just join the server.

Why posting this if you are still working on this?
That’s true, I’m still working and improving my gamemode, but I had a little problem with someone somehow in my friendlist:

Oh, what a coincidence, he’s banned!
Of course the version he will upload is not the last one, as I just added fixes and new stuff so check the server for a better gameplay.

The dark edges around your screen are different in-game!


Coming Soon
*Donors Privileges [20%]
*More Passengers in cars - not sure about this one, cars are not really useful in rp_c18_v1…

If you find any bugs just post them, I’ll gladly fix 'em.

First of all, thanks to


, the server provider, thanks to him everyone were able to test the betas and find lots of bugs I didn’t even think about. Beta testers also gave me a lot of ideas I will be putting on anytime soon.
Then, I must thank all the beta testers.
Thanks to Laxplayer for his server.
This gamemode uses the Chat Box by catdaemon so I must credit him for this :stuck_out_tongue:
If I forgot someone in my credits I’ll be posting them.

Other than catdaemon’s chatbox there was no other development help in the gamemode, so read the second phrase of this thread if you are interested in giving some help.

The inner workings for you might be a LITTLE Clunky, However, That derma is just pure WOW :3:

Yeah i know this is a stupid question, but how do you servers with their IP?

connect IP HERE PL0X in console… or add it to favs :smiley:

Will it be publicly released at some point?

Video’s Out!
The dark edges around your screen are different in-game!


I already said I will release this only if it becomes famous or it dies.

Just made a linux server, i would be very happy if i could have this gamemode and change the map, i hate c18

Ah, youve changed map ^^

Nope I didn’t change map, but if you want the latest version for rp_evocity_v2d just contact me on steam and I’ll give you (It changes NPC Positions)

Can I test this gamemode on my server?

Nope, why?
I’ve updated the server since 3 hours, if you want to test it on your server because it seemed crappy when you joined then it may be before the update.

suckyiest rp eva

I wanna see pk owner come in here and nerd rage you used city life as a name.

Why, there’s another gamemode named City Life?

Oh I just noticed there’s a City Life gamemode video near mine, so you mean THIS one? It looks dead and unfinished to me.


Added images to make the thread look fancier.

Wow, he used the same name as someone else.

It’s a name. Unless it’s copyrighted you can’t really do jack.

You, sir, are right.
If someone creates a gamemode that dies, that name won’t be unusable forever.
Also, I didn’t know there already was a gamemode with this name.

Yeah, there was this other guy who made a thread with the same name however he was the world’s biggest ideas guy so it doesn’t really matter.

This one is more awesome anyway so screw that other dude

I’m going to put some coming soon stuff now so you can all know what I’m going to add.
Also, this RP uses only default models so there’s not much to download other than a couple of textures for the HUD.

Please, keep the server alive and post any idea/bugs you find here.

Are you looking for another server host?. One that is not running on ADSL?.

Added LockPick! It’s not a weapon, you need the crowbar(buy it from storekeepers) and at least level 3 Strength.
The more strength you have the faster you’ll be able to unlock.
I’ll update the server in a sec.