City map.


I am working on a map of a large city district.

These are the features and places it will contain.

  • Centre
  • Airport
  • Suburbs
  • Park
  • Industrial district (with docks)
  • Living district (near park)
  • A fully operational monorail, with 8 stops, announcement system, and 3 cars.
  • Miles and miles of road
  • Highway
  • Loads of buildings
  • Plenty of custom textures

Everything will be quite detailed.
This map will be suitable for building and free roaming. You can roleplay on it using your imagination, it will be too large to make it suitable for a RP gamemode.

But i am running out of ideas. I have a schematic of what I have now. The black line is the monorail, the yellow dots it’s stations. The red fields with question marks are the places i’d like some ideas for.

In game pics will follow later

Add a small ghetto where there’s lots of places to hide.


fucking ninja’d

A forest with a lake out in the top left would be nice :slight_smile:

Hmm i was thinking of that. But there is a quite large park, it has trees and a lake. I’m not sure if it will be too much then…

Or another idea: Mountains with roads that you can climb up.

Mountains… are elevated.
Suburbs… are cool.

I could make a elevated part where suburbs are. And the station there could be underground, like a metro station


Oh and the red section on the right could be a road surrounded by nature, trees, grass, water…

Seems like it might take a while, good luck anyway.

Docks? A bay? Beach? I don’t know i give up. Good luck, can’t wait to see it in full!

Commercial District (stores / shopping mall etc)
Parking garage

Police station with jail

Why can’t you just wait until you get pics to make a thread?

Because I am a lazy git.

Maybe i should post some pictures of this map i got just to troll Drumdevil.

The plan looks nice but are you getting the idea from EvoCity2? Also, I don’t think (if this map is ever made) it will be too big for RP because of the PERP servers. They are almost always busy with people.

Hmm no i rarely let other maps give me inspiration. I always want it to be quite unique. And always as large as possible. And i do everything in my power to abuse the source engine as much as possible xD.
An RP map means extra entities and stuff. Most of the buildings will not have a interiour. It would not be a one man job (seen how many buildings it will contain) and i will hit the brush limit when only 1/4th is finished. You could compare it to GTA. Instead, i put great effort in the textures. Loads of custom ones.

well i am already working on it. I am running into a few weird problems now, but when they are solved i will post some screenshots.

I came, I saw bold, I left.

OK well hope you can fix those problems. I would actually like it if it wasn’t RP though because sometimes large RP maps lag a lot with all the stuff they contain. Are you going to make this map GTA:SA-like? If you are that would be pretty cool.

P.S. If you can, a tall skybox would be nice because when this map is released since I like skirmish play a modeling I want to make a plane at the airport and do some stunts there.

Yeah it will contain a tall skybox, there is also an airstrip present. I don’t know what it will be like really. Quite large anyways :stuck_out_tongue:

The hammer grid is not big enough to make a scale airport. Make a heliport instead.

Make a fort out of boxes in the Ghetto.