City night

yeah a hl2 pic

could have been better but i was tired

made in freespace

Has the actual map been released?

yeah its some night version of freespace

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it is a scenebuild btw

it’s weird, the lighting should be interesting due to the various light sources and colors, but there just seems to be a lack of light to it, like there weren’t enough lamps or you made them too dark or something. very odd

the scenebuild itself is good though, i just wish those Fallout props weren’t ported by a gibbon so they’d look better

Not a bad picture, but the bloom is far to strong. It should either be less bright, or more spread out. Not sure which would look better.

the overdone bloom works surprisingly well here

Looks good, but it needs rain and a film noir song.

yeah i know what you mean. probably could’ve fixed it by adding more lamps.

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i guess i could’ve toned it down slightly but it suits the picture well imo