City ruins

Please C&C.
Also, thanks to Joazzz for help with lighting!

I’d say that the black sky on the top left makes it feel like it’s a prop scene inside a movie studio building. You should’ve added stars or made the dark sky more dark blue.

So something like that?

Agreed, first thought was movie set. The rest is really good though.

yes, this is better, but now the stadium or whatever that black/gray thing i nthe background is has no lighting on it, make it reflect the sky color.

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Basically, add rim lighting, which should be just like the sky color - blue/purplish.

I can’t say I know how to do that, at least correctly.

You have a LOT of good things in this picture. But it does have some flaws as others mentioned above. I feel like you have a ton of potential for your new pics so I’ma expand. The first thing that bothered me was how you named it ‘city ruins’ which caused me to initially expect a bigass city with lots of destroyed buildings, but here there’s barely one visible wall, a street, another structure I can’t recognize and two street lamps - these don’t really earn the picture that title. Either you were neglecting the title, or you were neglecting the picture. In case you were neglecting the picture: I’d definitely move the camera back or change its perspective to get more visibility on what’s above the scene. I’d toss in as much ruins as possible - fucked up and broken buildings, debris, and the like. What’s here isn’t enough. Make every building far away from each other and use the fog editor to distinguish between them - this will also grant the picture a lot more depth and scale. The detail on the ground is good, but I would throw in even more destruction and debris especially near the building. That’s composition imo. Some others things I’d note: avoid repetitions like those two identical lamposts - it yells out ‘I used props to make this scenebuild’. If you’re limited to the same one prop, which is ofc understandable, get out of your way to position it in a different angle which would draw away all similarities to the first. Lighting is good except some proper shading and lacking highlights - the projectors need to be 255 255 255 on the RGB scale. They literally need to have a radius (small is also okay) of blinding light given the scenery’s overall lighting. I’d make small edits to the picture using the brush tool with careful precision on things like those spiky concrete/metal barriers and get rid of illuminations that don’t make sense (those two lines). Use similar methods to correct shadows - those sandbags definitely need to cast more of them. Sky wise - it seems like you used TheMask’s skydome. That’s okay, but notice how the fog doesn’t blend well with its colors. You gotta fix dat.

That’s about it, it’s really good otherwise.

It feels like you’re playing a mission on a different game.


That would be neglecting the title I think, it was the first thing that came to mind. Originally I had intended this to be some form of battlefield but it kind of spiraled in a different direction. It was the first thing that came to mind when I made the thread.

I did this in SFM so I can’t speak about the fog editor, I think it’s supposed to have some form but afaik it doesn’t. I also don’t edit things very well, so this is a simple export.

I personally don’t like improving scenebuilds beyond some small edits, mostly because then I feel I could do it better with a fresh start. This started with Ninja’s new building packs and a street and then kind of went out from there. I do have some more ideas however, that I think will mean more of a ‘City ruins’ idea.

All in all, thanks for actually giving a detailed reply!

The lighting of it kind of reminds of Dying Light for some reason.