City Slicker - Interactive Comic by NeoShinsei.

**You, Sam Swift, are a City Slicker. You have stayed inside the humble walls of City 19 since the end of the combine opression. You decide to leave town, and find a place to start out fresh.

You have finished packing your car, and are about to drive out of town.

**Where do you go?

A) Move to a new city.
B) Move to the countryside.
C) User choice.**

Move to the ocean. Then you build a home with the snorks. When he gains their trust blow as hard as he can into their… snorkle heads until they explode.

I say B

C. Start a breakdancing contest .
With hobos.

This thingy

A few more votes and I’ll start the next part.


So Countryside. I want to see Snorks getting their heads popped from the most unlikelist of places.
…God, that sounds almost worse than thinking of a breasted snork, with her top ripped. :smith:

You’d totally pork a snork you sick fork.

I read this as City Shlicker.


I was thinking more like

Fucking rhymes! God! It hurts! :byodood:


Find an air cabable transport vehicle. Travel around the city finding food and stuff, and live on the top of the biggest building in the world. Bring a large knife, so when you run out of supplies, you can kill the resident birds.